Enzyme therapy with Optizym

Alleviate inflammations and pains with Optizym Plus

Enzymes are components of life and involved in almost all metabolic processes in our body.

If there are too few enzymes in our body, important metabolic processes might be blocked and physical complaints might strain our organism.

An enzyme therapy with OPTIZYM PLUS regulates inflammations in the body. It supports the endogenous repair mechanism, promotes the recovery and eliminates the cause of pain (e.g. joint pains caused by arthrosis and rheumatism).

In general, it is important to know: An inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to diverse harmful stimuli. Normally, the affected tissue reddens, swells, warms, aches and the movement is impaired. Enzymes are involved in this biochemical reaction, as they are in every reaction in our bodies.

Based on this, modern enzyme preparations like OPTIZYM PLUS have developed an efficient mechanism of action: Firstly, they establish a balance between the neurotransmitters that push inflammation and those that stop them. Additionally, the contained enzymes have a decongestant effect and can actively contribute to alleviate pain. The natural healing can, therefore, be accelerated significantly, i. e., the enzymes in OPTIZYM PLUS activate the body’s self-healing powers - for a comfortable and active life.

The effect has been scientifically proven

Clinical studies could prove that our bodies can particularly benefit from the use of a six-times combination of plant-based and animal enzymes.

This includes the valuable bromelain, which is extracted from the ground stalk of pineapples and papain, from the juice of unripe papayas, in combination with the animal enzymes pancreatin, rutin, trypsin and chymotrypsin

OPTIZYM PLUS Unique with the 6-times formula regarding the power of enzymes.

In which cases can Optizym enzyme therapy be used?

Optizym Plus is used in many complaints that are the cause of inflammation. It supports the treatment for example at:

  • Joint pains: arthrosis in, for example, the hips, knees, shoulders, ankles or wrists, arms, etc.
  • Injuries: bruises, sprains, pulled muscles, injuries due to physical overload
  • Pains: back pain, other so-called “rheumatic” pains
  • Sport damages: sport injuries, sore muscles
  • Inflammation of the urinary tracts: cystitis, prostatitis
  • Venous diseases: thrombophlebitis
  • Medical procedures: recovery after surgery

The effectiveness of Optizym Plus has been studied in clinical studies and it turned out to be as effective as the highly dosed Diclofenac, which is the most prescribed chemical analgesic used for joint pains. A particular advantage of Optizym Plus is that it has no side effects compared to preparations that include Diclofenac.

Optizym Plus is easily digestible and is, therefore, also suitable for a long-term therapy.

What do you have to look out for when taking enzymes?

As enzymes are highly complex in their structure and very sensitive, it is advised to take them 30 to 60 minutes before or 90 minutes after a main meal.

This is especially of fundamental importance to preserve the enzyme activity as much as possible.

Studies were able to effectively prove the bioavailability of intact proteolytic enzymes.

Why can Optizym be used for different conditions?

Our bodies oftentimes respond to various harmful stimuli with an inflammatory reaction. For example, in the late stages of arthrosis, bones will rub against each other and damage the surrounding tissue. Also, with external impacts, such as bruising, the tissue can be injured and responds to this with an inflammatory reaction.

An enzyme therapy with Optizym regulates those inflammations inside the body in a natural way. It supports the endogenous self-healing powers, benefits the recovery and, thus, eliminates the cause for pain.

Optizym Plus
Optizym Enzympräparat
Unique SIX-TIMES SET of highly concentrated and specifically chosen enzymes.
Mono preparations or only 1 to 3 enzymes used in many cases
IDEAL TABLET SIZE easy to swallow micro-pill
Big pills, hard to swallow
Naturally FREE of artificial flavors and dyes
Often with undesirable additives
EASILY DIGESTIBLE thanks to gastro-resistant film-coated tablets
Active substances can be attacked by gastric juices
PREMIUM QUALITY made in Germany at strictly certified facilities
Often made abroad with incomparable quality standards

Optizym - the enzyme preparations’ test winner from the pharmacy

The enzyme preparations’ test winner from the pharmacy is called Optizym® Plus. Find here the complete test report issued by Dr. Stefan Huxoll. Source: The German Health Initiative in Bonn.

To the test report

The mail-order pharmacy Green Offizin also tested our product. Optizym® was voted to top position here as well.

To the test report


Unique SIX-TIMES SET of highly concentrated and specifically chosen enzymes:

  • Activates self-healing powers
  • Reduces swellings
  • Boosts mobility

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